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No More Times in Chat List?!

Club Penguin has removed the clock from safe chat list! This is probably due to the fact that penguins have been sharing their ages and grades with the time. But, as with the heart a few years back, it will most likely come back.Times

How will penguins be able to meet up now?? Oh well, I’m sure we’ll find a way…. Speaking of which, visit my “CODE WORDS ON CP” page for some easy ways to say words not allowed on cp (such as love, or a number)Please leave a comment and tell me and everyone else what you think!

Waddle On!

~Kaela “Jonas” aka Joe J Luv


Upcoming Music Jam 2009

Hey Penguins of the world! I’m sure if you’ve been on club penguin recently you’ve noticed the opening screen has a big (and loud might I add) announcement about the music jam returning to club penguin. The music jam is a big event where anyone can get a band together and perform it on one of the tons of stages. Everyone gets very excited about it and, this year it starts on my little sister’s 9th birthday! What a gift… haha. Well here’s some pictures of last year’s Music Jam:

The Shirts

Ice rink

The Beach


A nice big collage of pics put together by wigwams the penguin!!!

And of course, who could forget when club penguin unveiled DJ3K at the night club for the party?!

Who knows what surprises Billybob and the cp team have in store for us this year?

Guess we’ll just have to wait and find out! See you at the Music Jam!

~Kaela aka Joe J Luv

July 2009 Clothing Catalogue Cheats

Hey Guys! The new catalogue came out today and we’ve got the secrets here for you!


The first hidden item to find is the red viking helmet. To get the red viking helmet you need to click the inside of the piano.


The next cheat is for the blue viking helmet. Just like always, open and close the red helmet window four times for this to appear.


The next secret clothing catalog item is the canteen.


Click on the sea shell in the middle of the page.


Click on the word “penguins” above the conducter to get the crystal staff.


 Just like the cheat in the last catalog if you click on the window on the right in the palace you’ll get the woodsman hat.


Also just like the last cheat catalog, click on the dragons shadow by the stairs and you’ll get the blue dragon costume.


Finally if you want the black graduation cap all you have to do is click on the “C” in the word Clearance.


That’s all the cheats in this catalogue!! I’ll have the new sports and furniture catalogue cheats when the come out! Thanks~

Hello world!

Hello fellow websters! My name is Kaela and I have just started my new website/blog here at wordpress! I’ll have all the newest updates at club penguin and much more fun stuff too!! Take a look around and remember to visit my youtube channel @ theclubpenguintvofficia with NOOOO L!! (noel haha) Ok see ya l8r!!